Things to Bring / A emmener avec vous

A few ideas about important knowledge themes (what we know and what we don’t know) and possible points of collaboration to bring to each workshop session you plan to participate in Your descriptive object If you like, something from your home region (not required) Quelques idées concernant notre connaissance des sujets explorés pendant la conférence (ce que l’on sait et ce que l’on ignore) et quelques points de collaboration à proposer au cours des ateliers auxquels vous comptez participer Votre ‘objet descriptif’ Quelque chose de votre région à partager, seulement si vous le souhaitez Advertisements Continue reading Things to Bring / A emmener avec vous

Speed Presentations / Présentations express

The conference will begin on Tuesday morning with one-minute “speed presentations” from each participant, illustrated by a “descriptive object” that the participant brings to the conferences. The object could be anything at all: a traditional poster, a photograph of one of your research participants, a jar of beneficial insects, a plastic bag of organic seeds from a participatory variety trial. Whatever! (Just make sure it is something you can get through customs.) La conférence démarrera le mardi matin avec une ‘présentation express’ d’une minute par chacun des participants basée sur un ‘objet descriptif’ que chacun aura apporté. Cet objet peut … Continue reading Speed Presentations / Présentations express

The Agroecological Imagination: A Franco-American Exchange

Agroecology is fast becoming a global project. We have much to learn from, and with, one another. This conference explores the potential for that learning, with a special focus on building collaborative research networks between French and American researchers, along six tracks: theory, long-term trials, participatory research, agrifood systems, pedagogy, and sustainable transitions. In order to promote the building of long-term collaborations, this will be an intimate conference, by invitation only, of about 50 researchers and civil society participants. Objectives of the conference We will seek to build collaborative research in four main ways: Exchanges about the state of our … Continue reading The Agroecological Imagination: A Franco-American Exchange